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The company VIAMERCANTI was founded in 1995 by the meeting of two childhood friends with the passion of craftsmanship: Antonio comes from the world of textiles and fashion, Paolo is an historic artisan from Salerno.

Initially they produce sandals intended for local customers. Over the years, the small shop began to organize itself to meet the needs of numerous customers who appreciate the craftsmanship of the products in Italy and throughout Europe. The collections and production, 100% made in Italy, are made with love in our company located in Salerno, a few steps from the Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri: places that have always inspired our collections. In the very first years of 2000 the meeting with Renato Cenedella took place. The esteemed stylist and connoisseur of the European and world market puts an edge on the Viamercanti: footwear becomes more international and sophisticated: special care and attention to the materials, shapes and accessories that characterize each line, aimed at satisfying the demands of an increasingly demanding female clientele, in terms of quality and practicality. Today, after twenty years of activity, we still manage the family business, the primary objective is to transmit our peculiarities to the new generations to continue to produce with passion and love refined women's shoes.

Our team


Our Story

Since 1995 ViaMercanti produces handmade shoes for women, in our company in Salerno, a few steps from the Amalfi Coast and Capri Island. Scroll through the section to find all our handmade women's shoes


Responsabile della sezione taglio
"My work starts from the choice of raw materials, identifying the characteristics of each type of leather, selecting the best leathers and the best performance in their use". - The only way to do a great job is to love what you do -


Responsabile preparazione Tomaie
"After the cutting phase the upper is prepared to be mounted on the shape, how to prepare a good pizza it takes a good dough, so for the success of a good shoe it takes an excellent preparation of upper" -Learning it's a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere-


Responsabile del premontaggio e della suolatura
"These two phases are completely different from each other: the first consists of the first approach between the upper and the shape, the second, the soling, is the gluing of the sole to the shoe. Two phases, however, have in common the ability and dexterity in the use of simple machines in their composition but complex in their proper use. - Constance, stubbornness and passion. The steps forward are made with these qualities and above all with a wonderful pair of shoes with the foot -


Responsabile produzione
For over twenty years in the field of footwear, I grew up in my work with and thanks VIAMERCANTI, always pursuing the same ideals of quality and professionalism with patience and passion we have arrived where we are now "- The experience has little to teach if not is lived with humility .-


Responsabile della produzione suole e smerigliatura
"In the production of shoes as in sandals the sole is a fundamental part, the machines used in this phase are very few, the manual skills are at the base of this phase". - If you insist and resist you reach and conquer -


Responsabile controllo qualità
"Ten years of experience, passion, dedication and attention to detail are for me the basic requirements for a product with a high target and 100% made in Italy manufacturing" - the details make perfection and perfection is not a detail-


Responsabile Incassi
"I'm a Shoeaholic in a Shoe Factory! So much so that my first couple of Viamercanti took him home well before being hired! In administration, customer care translates into numbers and readiness to listen, to respond concretely to their needs ... because a couple more, it's always what it takes!


Responsabile Amministrativa
"I started over 20 years ago in a small artisan shop. We did sandals, small work and leather repairs. Today's reality is very different but the spirit that distinguishes us is the same. Empathy, synergy and cordiality are the guidelines of my work, but above all there is a great desire to learn, both in life and in work." - we are all apprentices in a trade where we do not become masters -

Antonio e Paolo

The right fusion between business and craftsmanship: Antonio has always been in the business world of leather manufacturing and craftsmanship, Paolo the craftsman behind the attention to detail of the product. They are the mind and the founding arms of Viamercanti from which are the innovations and the progress of this brand.


Always present, it follows with effectiveness and passion the production settings and all the phases related to the shipment of goods to our customers. It is more than a reference point for everyone ...


Figlio di Anna e Paolo
He started working at the factory in his teenage years, then he lived for several months in Ireland and then for a year in Germany with the main purpose of learning the language and understanding the uses, tastes and habits of our customers as much as possible. To date, despite his young age, he is the person closest to the customers of our company.

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